Why Blog? The Importance of Maintaining a Photography Blog

We all photographers have many duties inside our business. We all are accountants, marketers, designers, PR reps, and creatives, just to name a few. With all the duties we could responsible for, it is straightforward to leave our sites fall off into non-existence. But is it important to have blog? In this article, Let me discuss the value of blogging and why it can be necessary for your photography business. https://wildernessphotographyblog.wordpress.com/

You will find two very important great blog. The first reason is to increase your website. Blogging can help increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings. Certainly – your website can be suitable for optimal SEO rankings, but a blog can aid in increasing those rankings even further. By blogging about your clients, to shoot, and bits with regards to your life, you are making your business more obvious in searches on the web. And for small companies today, being able to be found online is a huge benefit! 

In addition to increasing your visibility on the internet, blogging serves as a type of sharing who you are with your clients. It is often said that your website is the very professional presentation of yourself, and your blog is the more personable introduction into who you are. Because photographers, finding your marketplace is crucial to better marketing yourself. And your blog can help you really share who you are and market to your niche. It will help you attract the clients you want and possibly push away those not necessarily for you.

What should you write about though? Well, as the friendly, more personable side of your business, you can blog about anything you please! Obviously you should share your pictures, but sharing bits of yourself can be very important too. Speak about your new favorite CD or a book you’re reading. Show about your family or your pets. Discuss things that are important to you and like-minded people are sure to find their way to you.

By sharing about your clients, where you capture, who you are, what works best to shoot, and even random things about yourself, your site can help you attract a whole new level of clients and permit one to be better found through search engines like yahoo. While blogging may seem to be like just one more thing to do, you can see how having a fifteen minutes a few days per week can help you and your business immensely!

Stephanie lives in a rural community in Central IL. She is married to her nearest friend and high university sweetheart, Ryan, and looks forward to spending time with her crazy pups, Kit & Lucy. She is the proprietor and photographer of Golf course Tree Media Photography and is also incredibly passionate about digital photography training and the business of photography.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Fine Martial arts degree in photography and design from Millikin School. She worked for Williams & Thomas, an advertising agency in Decatur, BENJAMIN for 3 years doing both design and digital photography training before starting up her own business as a natural light and lifestyle photographer.

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