TRAFFIC: The Lifeblood of Your Marketing Funnel

It’s likely, you wouldn’t spend weeks planning an elaborate wedding with fancy decorations, a rocking band, 3-tier dessert and enough food to feed a village – rather than invite any friends. Sounds a little mindless, right?

It could be like creating a genius marketing plan for your business, and not introducing it to a crowd of possible clients. Again, pointless… Clickfunnels cost

That doesn’t matter great our marketing plans are made – if nobody recognizes them, they just not necessarily going to be able to do whatever we need them to do. 

Getting some awesome traffic options is the solution to that dilemma.

Before we get started though… let us run through a quick definition of the definition of traffic to make certain we’re all on a single page.

Traffic is identified as: Any sources, both online and offline, which can be used to get YOUR COMMUNICATION in front of THE PERFECT CLIENT.

Here’s the matter that we need to get –


We speak about the marketing funnel constantly but since this is your first experience with it… let me supply you with a quick Reader’s Digest breakdown.

A marketing funnel is merely a visual representation of our visitor’s journey through our marketing process – from a Prospect, to a Business lead and hopefully all the way to a client.

The funnel has three levels in it and level represents a phase of the relationship we have with the customer.

Stage one particular – Introduction and Recognition

Stage 2 – Analysis

Stage 3 – Transformation

At this time, we’re talking about traffic and putting our message facing our perfect customer, so we’re really focused on the most notable section – Stage 1 Launch and Awareness.

You will discover virtually thousands of different traffic sources that we could use here, but who is got coming back that? Jooxie is all busy professionals, unable to doing them (and I know there’s probably some of you which may have done this, right? Striving to land on all the social media stations – and you conclude going nuts trying to maintain. ) We may want that – what we actually want to do is find a number of really awesome traffic details and focus our hard work there.

Presently there are actually 2 standards for great traffic options.

#1. Appropriate

We need to find the traffic sources that get us in front of our perfect clients – clear!

#2. Reproducible

We need those visitors source to be reproducible. Meaning that we can go to be able to this traffic source anytime we want and get more traffic.

It is #2, being able to recreate the traffic that allows us to scale our customer acquisition up and down as required. This kind of is what gives all of us the first of two major WINS in this type of system – CONTROL.

Now that you understand why it is essential to give attention to traffic when building your marketing direct, it is time to start out testing which sources work best for attracting your perfect client.

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