The Turbulence Training Idol Challenge – Another Innovation From the Creators of Turbulence Training

The Turbulence Training Idol competition is yet another ground breaking weight loss and muscle building venture from the creator of Turbulence Schooling, expert trainer Craig Ballantyne. Turbulence Training

The Turbulence Training course, which was considered revolutionary and groundbreaking when it first turned out, is a program intended especially for busy people. People with families, occupations, and rich lives that don’t leave enough time to work out, lose weight and make muscle. Nevertheless people want to do all that, so in retrospect Ballantyne came up with Turbulence Training – in which the training sessions are incredibly intense, but last no loner than 45 minutes. As well as for the most part can be achieved at home and save even the time it will take to operate a vehicle to the fitness center. 

Craig Ballantyne further proven his sense for creativity when he developed another groundbreaking workout program, body weight 500, which is an powerful workout program in the Turbulence Training nature depending upon body weight only, with no need for virtually any equipment. It turned away to be so powerful and gave such results that some advocates, like TV trainer Gillian Michaels, thought Ballantyne had trained the actors of the movie 300 (undue credit which Ballantyne himself rejected).

The latest innovation from Ballantyne is the Turbulent flow Training Idol competition. This can be a competition for users of Turbulence Training, in which Turbulence Training users send “before” and “after” pictures of themselves (the “before” picture is with a proof of “no early than this” date, for instance a newspaper of the same day), with their remodel stories, and anyone can come in and have your say for the contestants who move on to another stage.

The first competition ended these very times, with a winner – Emily Johnson, who lost 15. 5 pounds, more than 5% body body fat, lost 2 inches of her waist and 4 inches of belly excess fat, all in less than 3 months. The prize the girl won was $2000 in cash, plus a free 3-year platinum membership of Turbulence Training. Cash and membership prizes also proceeded to go to second and third place winners.

Details, and the others who taken part with them, are not the model types; they are regular men and women who could become your next door neighborhood friends. In fact, not one of them appears like a model even in the “after” picture; nonetheless they have all noticeably lost fat and built muscle, and then some.

The first Turbulence Teaching Idol competition was so successful that Ballantyne announced a second competition, to commence on May first. The other competition will be bigger than the first one, with more categories and more prizes.

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