The Symbolism and Tarot Card Meanings of the Magician

In tarot reading, the Wizard is the card of manifestation. He represents the development of one’s first sense of conscious consciousness. In this regard, this individual is now aware of his own, unique sense of self. The Magician Credit card encourages that you use their intellect to find out the world around them. When this individual appears in a tarot card reading, he is a card of creation, constantly shifting the efforts around him to express his desires. Magician French-riviera

The Magician’s counterpart is the feminine High Priestess. Thus, the Magician represents the manly while the High Priestess represents the feminine. Being a masculine figure, the Wizard Tarot Card represents action. Unlike the High Priestess who prefers to go inward to gather knowledge from her intuitive characteristics, the Magician prefers to explore all that is outside of him. This individual is naturally curious and is constantly searching for the mystical and deceptive elements in the natural world. His goal is to understand all of that encompases him and in the end use this knowledge to learn his world.

Tarot Connotation of the Number you: The Magician Tarot greeting card is associated the amount one. In the tarot card deck, he is the fist numbered cards of the Major Arcana. One’s represent individuality, creativeness, originality, unity, power, knowledge and birth. His remarkable association to the quantity one references his keen connection to the Keen. Although his goal is to master the physical realm, he still remains tied to Divine Awareness. Within a tarot greeting card reading, the Magician symbolizes the union with Keen consciousness. Dr. murphy is the conscious link between the regarding spirit and the world of man.

Tarot Symbolism of the Rose and Lily: The rose and the lily have important symbolic functions in the Magician tarot card. The rose presents the Magician’s passion for lifetime. It is a womanly attribute and it is often associated to birth and materialization. In this regard, the rose represents the breakthrough of the Magician’s sense of self. Roses can also represent the physical senses. The Lily, one the other side of the coin hand, has masculine attributes. Lilies stand for both the spirit world and the Magician’s quest of knowledge. In a tarot card reading, lilies represent purity. For the Magician, the lily is symbolic of both real truth and humility.

Tarot Connotation of the Table and Elements: The Table which stands before the Wizard is a symbol of concrete reality. Tables are also associated to the number four which symbolizes manifestation. Upon the desk rests a cup, blade, rod and pentacle. These types of are a representation of the four elements. The Magician uses these elements during his process of creation. They represent the Magician’s power to grasp his own skills and manifest his energy.

Tarot Symbolism of the Wand and Infinity Sign: The Wand of the Wizard is a symbol of the Magician’s connection to Divine Spirit. In one hand he points his wand to the heavens and in the furthermore he points to the four elements resting on the table before him. Symbolically, this represents the Magicians ability to work with divine energy to manifest in the physical world. In a tarot card reading, the Wizard represents manifestation on the earthly plane. However, there is always an exchange of energy. This is symbolically represented by the infinity sign. This exchange of energy occurs between the realm of soul and the physical world. The Magician has the ability to move between these two worlds. This amazing skill permits the Wizard to remain adaptable and flexible through any situation that he could be confronted with.

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