The Last Dragon Movie Review

Becoming born in the 80’s and being a martial arts fan as a kid, I was always going to have a soft spot with this movie. I came across it after i was only small and because the name seemed familiar (Enter the Monster being my favourite movie at the time). I actually didn’t know then that this would be one of the only times it was ever proven to my knowledge on UK TV. I have never seen it on tv set since, and only just recently re-purchased the DVD. 123 movies

The movie is all about a Kung Fu college student named “Bruce” Leeroy Golf course, who wants to reach the final level, a feat only Bruce Shelter achieved. The final level is achieved when you are surronded by a mystical glow, demonstrating are a true kung venne master. Leeroy’s master explains to him to go and research for a Kung Fu get better at in New Yor kby the name of Exempelvis Dum Guy. At the same time he has fallen for Music Online video presenter Laura Charles who desires him to be his body guard to help her from Videogame Ruler Eddie Arcadian. An bad Kung Fu master called Sho-Nuff has also came back to town and would like to fight Leeroy, so they can be the kung fu master of Harlem. 

Film production company was made by Fruit Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, so obviously the soundtrack is exceptional. Film production company features the best of R&B and hip-hop from enough time, sprinkled with martial artistry references, including ‘Rythm of the Night’ and ‘7th Heaven’. The soundtracks is one of the better I have observed in a show and is strong throughout, with a very strong eighties vibe. If you own a soundtrack for a movie, this should be it. It is particularly wonderful when Laura Charles starts off playing a song in the 7th Heaven studio room and puts on Enter into the Dragon, Leeroy gets WAY to exciting, it is slightly worrying at this point. The only one bad point about the music in film production company is Eddie Arcadian’s girlfriend wants to be a popstar and it is terrible, but sadly we need to suffer through her eyesight wateringly bad music online video.

Sho-Nuff the key bad man in film production company played by Julius T. Carry III is amazing. He is one of the better movie criminals ever, no-one can touch him. He moves about with giant make pads and claims to be ‘The Shogun of Harlem’. He has typical lines such as ‘Kiss my converse’ and is unforgettable. I am honest this individual steals film production company from under the nose area of Taimak.

Taimak takes on ‘Bruce’ Leeroy Green, in fact it is astonishing to know that this individual previously no previous working experience, and learned on the set as this individual worked. He does put in a fantastic change. The fighting scenes are perfect and he is obviously worthy of being called a kung fu master, his performing may be slightly wood made sometimes, but considering this is his first role ever, he does a brilliant job, and allows be honest his fighting with each other scenes more than make up for it,

My spouse and i also believe Leeroys buddy Richie is fantastic, this individual is hilarious in the movie and a great little actor here. He can played by Leo O’Brien.

The plot of film production company is somewhat basic, but it is a good entertaining movie that is not hard to follow and heavy on entertainment. It never slows down to much and you learn enough about the characters to at least love them a little. They are pretty one dimensional and not very complicated but so what, this is the movie, and the action and music makes up for it.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes martial arts movies and engaged in the 1980’s, it is unquestionably nostalgic and this is most likely a major part of why I love it so much. I tihnk everyone should watch this movie at least once.

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