The Acupressure Mat is the Pain Relief Product That Really Works!

To get muscle pain comfort without resorting to drugs is not easy. Acupuncture treatment and acupressure provides natural pain relief without part effects. acupressure mat benefits

Having pain means bodies are telling you that something is not right. Of course, acupuncture therapy will not likely heal a busted leg (but it might lessen the pain! ).

However, acute or long-term pain is very often caused by the challenges everyday life imposes on your body. 

Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours every day, or doing tutorial work with a repetitive activity, may easily lead to muscles and skeleton being overstressed.

Since the muscles are not allowed to relax enough they will over time develop a weakening – and the pain starts.

When muscles harm, a shoulder or a knee for example, the normal reaction is to tense more and so a vicious circle is shaped. The idea of comforting and then let the body fight the pain is not natural to almost all of us.

Most of us would take a pain killer instead, because it works quick and that we like “quick fixes”. Nevertheless , in the long run this will not help your body and the pain you may well be experiencing.

The cause of the pain should be investigated and if possible removed. When you have to sit in front of a computer screen every day, try to have a short break every 15-20 minutes.

Just by getting up and walking or stretching for a minute, and looking away from the screen will work wonders.

Most of us cannot completely break free work routines that can cause pain, and often we will experience pain without really knowing why.

That is a sign of the days that sales of painkilling drugs is at any time increasing – it increased twofold between 1997 and 2004, also a forecast made by the pharmaceutical industry in the spring of 2010 predicted a large embrace sales of pain killers.

When acupuncture factors are stimulated new research indicates it assists the brain to “turn off” the areas that deal with vauge pain. It also stimulates the body’s own pain killing system.

In this manner you get the positive acupuncture effects just by resting on the acupressure mat. It had been made into the modern acupressure cushion, drawing on old techniques from India, as well as research from the US, Russia and Laxa, sweden.

In less severe situations of pain it can effectively relieve the pain, and in more serious cases it can keep you pain and aches free for longer between your visits to the acupuncture practitioner.

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