Studying for 1z0-060: Oracle Database 12c: New Features for 9i OCPs

If the most recent Oracle DBA recognition is for 9i, then it is starting to get a little tad dusty. There are still companies running release 9i of Oracle for databases, but that number is steadily shrinking. When Oracle 12c is released, that trend will likely speed up. Beyond that, taking new features exams keeps you aware of the existing capacities of the Oracle data source. While studying for the upgrade certifications I’ve often found new additions that are useful to myself at work. Information Technology professionals who do not update their skills as technology changes will eventually be left behind. That said, since you are here reading this than you are presumably planning to take those 1z0-060 exam. In it My spouse and i will try to provide some insight into the test to assist your study plan.. 1z0-060 dumps

All the aims that will be protected in the 1z0-060 exam are listed on the Oracle Education website. Generally there are a considerable quantity of features that were introduced either in Oracle 10G or 11G that are not on that list. There will be no test questions for these features. The theme lists from Oracle Education are complete. The Fresh Features for 9i OCPs exam has eighty-four questions that must be solved in two hours. The questions are split into seventeen subject areas. Every single issues will generally have one or two questions asked.

The majority of the test is on features that were presented in 11G. There are a few areas with 10G-specific enhancements — namely Info Pump (which was a major new feature of 10G) and several Backup and Recovery enhancements that were introduced with 10G. The Automatic Storage Management subject matter area is particularly large because ASM was released in 10G and got significant upgrades in 11G. Likewise the SQL Fine tuning area is sizeable on the exam due to significant changes in both releases.

When you are studying, do not get caught up in the wrong details. New features exams will not be testing whether you can administer an Oracle repository. The sole prospects taking this exam should already be Oracle Certified DBAs and so your capability to administer the repository is taken as a given. The types of questions that you are likely to see on the exam includes:

Concerns that might be experienced when upgrading an existing database to 11G.
Fresh or removed parameters or settings and how they may affect database functionality.
How a administration of the repository might be damaged by new features.
What must be done in order to configure, enable, deactivate the characteristics.
For the last, the test will not require detailed knowledge of a graphical program or have you growing PL/SQL statements. Questions for features that involve code or use of Venture Manager can not be tested directly. 1z0-060 is generally verifying that you really know what news have recently been added to Oracle, as well as the objective of those features, and things to permit or disable them. When enabling a fresh feature requires a parameter change or a new command word, you have to know the parameter and all of its potential values or the control as well as its valid syntax. In the event that a feature requires significant PL/SQL code to apply, you might need to find out the basic implementation steps, however, you won’t be required to look at a webpage packed with code and determine whether or not it will work.

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