Oracle Enterprise Database11g – Virtual Private Database Feature

Oracle Enterprise Database11g has the Virtual Private Database feature to provide security features to your database. Electronic Private Database or VPD is very useful in situations when associated databases roles and standard subject privileges cannot provide software security requirements. You may arranged the Virtual Private Databases policies to be simple or complex depending after the amount of security you require to provide to the database. 1z0-064 dumps

You can create a secure electronic private database to continue to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Digital private database is employed in environment where multiple users access the same repository and only specific information should be available to each group. The simplest way to secure your virtual private databases is to implement security features during its creation or designing. The amount of security is very high as you secure your data source rather than controlling it with a few other application.

Best way is to associate security plans with the views and tables of the databases. It is designed in such a means that security policy is implemented whether you access the data directly or indirectly. What is more? You may also determine security policies for a set of statements that eliminates the need to develop security policies independently for all statements. Also, it is possible to apply multiple policies for a group of views, synonym or tables.

A new feature known as Column Hiding is also used with Virtual Private Database which overcomes the drawbacks of Column relevance. Main problem with column level Electronic Private Database security was that it restricted the rows that contains data for sensitive columns. Nevertheless , with column masking the information of all such lines is displayed where the sensitive columns have null value. In this way more information is available for the authorized users and only the sensitive information is hidden.

Virtual Private Repository can be made more secure by providing security at the column or row level by merging VPD with application framework feature. Providing security at such deep levels was termed as fine-grained gain access to control or FGAC where you can secure a row or column independently also. Every time a DML or DDL query is started by an individual Oracle Data source dynamically modifies the question before data retrieval or data manipulation. However, the user is unacquainted with the security procedures used at back end, as it is transparent for users and whenever he / she access the data only the authorized information is shown. Moreover, you need not to modify the application code whenever you want to alter any of the security policies. Merely change the Virtual Personal Database policies to scholarhip or deny access to any part of databases. Irrelevant to the fact that you use any source to hook up to the database, that is, whether you make use of an application, SQL or web interface, there is no way in which your program security can be afflicted.

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