Nespresso Essenza C100

Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Machine is especially suitable for the Nespresso tablets. Nespresso capsules put the express in espresso. Prep time and cleanup time is next to zero. It’s very convenient plus, espressos come out absolutely perfect.

By using pills, you take the complexities out of creating a great cup of Joe. Outcomes are constant because the grounds are premeasured plus they stay fresh in the capsules. nespresso machine comparison

Nespresso C100 makes espressos by perforating the sealed capsule and putting the grounds to suitably filter it while it is high pressure 19-bar pump extracts everything good from the grounds to your cup. What you get is a full bodied espresso with very clean crema on the top.

Other features of the Nespresso C100 include:

Thermoblock home heat to heat water to the perfect extraction temp so that you get a sizzling hot cup in every pull
Amount of espresso in can be personally manipulated or programmed
Utilized capsule eject automatically into an used capsule rubbish bin for easy tidy up
Included with the Nespresso c100 is the Aeroccino. While using Aeroccino, you can make properly frothed and/or heated up milk for your macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes. Is actually very simple to use: lift the lid, put the milk, close the lid and press the button. It froths for about 50 seconds and heats milk in eighty seconds.

Key features of the Aeroccino are:

Serving indicators, to measure amount of milk froth or hot milk
Stay-cool take care of
Drip-free spout
Cordless design
Why Nespresso C100 is so popular?

It has all the pros that comes with using Nespresso capsules or pods. It really is: convenient, produces full distinctive flavored and full bodied espressos and comes in many variations
It is great espressos made easy
This has two settings: large cup and small a glass
Extremely easy to use: open the lever, appear the pod in, close the lever and press the button. And you get an espresso in about 15 seconds
Tidy up is actually easy as the bare pods drop in the pod-collecting bin when you take the lever up. Only slide the bin away and dump in the trash and your good
Produces absolutely perfect flor: you get that solid, golden foam that sits down on top of your espresso
The quality of the espresso rivals those made by machines in the lots of money range
The Aeroccino that is included with it makes sizzling and frothing simple as well.
Pour milk in the Aeroccino and press the button, you get extremely thick foam every single time
It’s hard to find a machine on this quality at such a good deal price
Some Things to Consider:

Produces lots of waste products compared to using normal grinds. Nespresso should think of your recycling plan for these pods so that eco-conscious consumers would give their thumbs to the great invention
Exclusivity. Nespresso pods are only available online or in Nespresso stores
Pods usually contain a blend of Arabica (usually 95%) and Robusta; some purists will gripe about this
More expensive at (around) $5. 50 a sleeve, which contains twelve pods
The quality and strength of Aeroccino can be better
Aeroccino often just warms the dairy; the temperature is not hot enough for some

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