Identifying Difficult People Through BaZi Profiling

In last week’s article, I actually talked about how precisely a model’s BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) can be used to categorise them as one of five basic BaZi Profile types: Prosperity, Influence, Output, Resource and Companion.

These profiles are derived by by using a BaZi technique called Structures. I actually also distributed to you the various characteristics, qualities and types of each profile and I expect you’ve were able to road-test my BaZi Profiler on my website. bazi chart analysis malaysia

This week, I wish to share with you some insight into handling each of these five account types, but within the context of extreme types of each type.

The moment a person manifests a long version of their BaZi Profile type (an occurrence caused by an imbalance in the elements in the BaZi chart), they become very challenging to handle. 

They become those difficult clients or customers, staff, bosses and shareholders: “the Difficult Ones”. Difficult people are an inevitability in the wonderful world of business. Thus figuring out how to effectively handle these individuals is important.

Here is where BaZi Profiling is useful. By simply deciding which type of extreme profile type a difficult person possesses, you not only can determine which individuals are likely to be difficult people, but you can determine HOW that difficult personal “difficultness” will manifest.

Essential extremists

From last week’s article, we can say that there are five basic BaZi Profiles: Riches, Influence, Output, Resource and Companion. In certain circumstances, a basic BaZi Account becomes an “Extreme” alternative.

Here, the negative characteristics of each profile type will manifest more firmly than the positive characteristics. For instance, we know that Wealth profile people are responsible, organised and diligent workers.

An Great Wealth profile person becomes a control freak, is unable or refuses to delegate and has difficulty letting go. An Great Wealth profile employee triggers friction in the enterprise by over-working and so placing pressure on staff or co-workers to fit his or her level of production.

Let’s look at how the “Extreme” variants of each of those account types would manifest, and how far better deal with these individuals.

In the interest of convenience, I’m going to direct to the ultimate marque of each of these five basic profile types as Extreme Wealth, Heavy Influence, Extreme Output, Intensive Resource, and finally, Heavy Companion.

Extreme Wealth account: Control freaks, poor abordnung skills, overly responsible, powerless to be a team member. Use intimidation, ability play and bully techniques to get their way. Highly judgemental and often hold others to their own standards, which can be usually absurdly high. Extreme perfectionists.

Extreme Output profile: Know-it-alls, highly critical, poor touchiness to suggestions, big-picture types, blunt and forceful, acquisitive, superiority/God complex. Exhibit a strong preference for the new and the untested, keen to try away unconventional approaches or strategies. Extreme contrarian approach. Only rangers.

Extreme Resource account: Procrastinators, over-thinkers, pedantic, circuitous thinking or approach, not able to commit or make a “big decision”, complainers, people who refuse responsibility, don’t step up to the plate and look to hide their blunders. Poor focus, diffuse thinking and lack guts. Ignorant, prone to losing important documents and glossing over details.

Extreme Companion account: Too nice, and so get nothing done because they cannot get anyone to do anything. Poor threshold for conflict. Bland and lacking in any judgment or thoughts. Yes-men, even though they can’t deliver. Hardly ever lead, prefer to follow. Sneaky as they have a tendency to complain behind your back. Poor decision-making skills. Lack guts and scared of offending people.

What I’ve outlined above are the broad strokes of each and every Extreme variant of the five basic profiles. The ability dynamics of your marriage with this Difficult Person will typically yield a much more precise insight into how their “difficultness” will express.

For instance, an Intensive Wealth profile superior will have difficulty delegating and may even micro-manage to an abnormal level. An Extreme Riches client would be extremely focused on wringing away as much benefits as is possible for the lowest cost (an extreme manifestation of responsible financial attitudes) while demanding daily update reviews on what is heading on with their task or job.

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