FusionSolar Roof Paneling For Green Roofing

Fusionsolar – A complete, durable green electricity provider roofer system


FusionSolar, a new product by Custom-Bilt Metals and Unisolar, is a thin-film photo voltaic laminate that is supposed use with residential and commercial installations. One of the unique attributes of FusionSolar is its blend of standing seam metallic roofs, where the solar power panels are built straight into the roof panels during the manufacturing process. This kind of makes it well suited for metallic roofs, where expansion, shrinking and warping are things to consider. And since the materials is lightweight, no additional building support is required. Roofing Portland


FusionSolar stands as a complete solar and roofing system. Included are all necessary electrical components, detailed schematics and specifications that are needed for installation over a home or commercial building. This allows roofing pros to be able to install a position seam metal roof with the thin-film solar -panel already attached. After physical installation of the roofing, the task is completed with an electrical contractor. 

After an installation is complete, FusionSolar is capable of making green, renewable electricity. That they also function better and provide greater efficiency under low light and high temperature environments. The system can be configured so it draws electricity from utility company grid if needed. This happens completely behind the scenes. The residents of homes using FusionSolar, or those in ad advertisement setting, never know the difference.


Unlike large and sometimes bulky solar power panels, FusionSolar is not attached to a roof top using bolts, screws or other means of exterior attachment. The solar facet of the roof is joined right to the metal roof covering panel.

Because no going or roof penetration is required to install FusionSolar, leaking and other energy loss is no problem. The thin-film laminate is placed flat and flush with the roofing surface and compliments with the roof structure design. Once in place, the laminate and roof can be safely went on without triggering any damage to the top or the solar cellular material.

In addition to the reality electricity made by FusionSolar is pollution-free, the panels provide a nominal cost-per-watt when compared with larger, roof-mounted solar panels. Studies have also shown that FusionSolar systems pay themselves off in about a 10 years.

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