How to Buy a Piano (For Those Who Don’t Know Where to Start)

With the many different types of pianos to buy, how do you know which one to buy? This article gives an understanding of different types of pianos out there and aims to address the pros and cons with purchasing each kind. pro audio repair

The Keyboard

You can opt for these up anywhere relatively cheaply. Often you can buy them at the drugstore!


Light and lightweight.

Provides a lot of cool sounds that can make playing interesting.

Doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Relatively inexpensive.

You can play with earphones on so you no longer disturb your neighbors.

You don’t have to track it!

You can put it to use as a midi device to music writing software on your computer.

Perfect for beginners who don’t want to invest too money initially.


Often does indeed not have the capability to 88 keys like on the real piano.

Top quality of sound isn’t as good.

The keys are not weighted like on a real piano. Different volumes (hitting hard on the keys verses participating in lightly) is limited as a result.

As one gets more and more advanced at piano, s/he will soon “outgrow” it.

If you stay in an area with power flops, this can be a problem.

The Digital Keyboard

Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Kawai are typical good brands.


Still not as heavy as a true piano

The keys will be more weighted, allowing more freedom of manifestation when striking the secrets.

You don’t have to tune it.

Is often more comfortable to take a seat at than a computer keyboard, making practicing more pleasant for a long time.

Often have all 88 keys.

Are a good choice for someone who would like the closest thing to a piano, but doesn’t always have the budget or vice versa.

You can utilize headphones.


You pay for what you get. The more you pay for an electronic digital the better it will feel to your fingertips.

It still does not compare to a true keyboard.

Low end digital pianos often have a “tin can” sound. Really expensive ones (the $3000+ range) can have beautiful are around sound, but, they are more money.

The more advanced you get, this too, will be brown beyond. If auditioning for music college or university someday, don’t practice with this.

Acoustic Pianos

Exceptional brands are Steinway, Phazer, Baldwin, Kawai, Bersendorfor. Although there are other factors involved in the technicians of a piano that are out of the manufacturers control, such as how well it turned out preserved by a previous owner, if any. Additionally, there are such things as acoustic pianos that are horrible to learn – the ones that you can spend hours and several hours practicing as well as it will never ever before let you sound lovely. In contrast, there are traditional pianos that can give your fingers a massage therapy as they “melt” into the keyboard. Before buying any acoustic piano, spend time playing a great deal of different ones first!

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