Fireplace Kit

The word fireplace kit can label either the logs, grate and fixtures for a gas powered fireplace, or a complete fireplace configuration including the firebox, masonry and whichever accessories may come with the fireplace package.

Most uses of the word “fireplace kit” refer to modular fireplace kits of the 2nd variety. These helpful kits contain everything that you need to put in your own fireproof masonry firebox into a recessed area of your existing wall membrane. Outdoor fireplace kits

It should be known that there are two man types of open fireplace kits. You will find both in house fireplace kits and outdoor fireplace kits. It can only help matters to specify which type you are thinking about while executing any net research or comparison shopping. 

The typical fireplace kit comes with all the necessary open fireplace components that must be used to set up an audio masonry fireplace. The firebox and smoke chamber are the most technical and functionally critical portions of a masonry fireplace.

Most open fireplace kits also have a damper, firebricks for coating the firebox, as well as enough cement dry out mix with which to install the many components. These kinds of kits generally also include handling dowels. These help you to maneuver the fireplace components into place. Also, complete step by step instructions should feature any fireplace kit that you’re considering buying, unless you want the project to be that much more ‘fun’.

One of the first things that should be considered when deciding on a fireplace made from a fireplace kit is the location in which the fireplace will are living. Whether the fireplace will reside on an exterior wall or in the middle of your home, the most crucial consideration is that the fireplace has it is own foundation support.

With no a solid foundation, the fireside will surely drain or shift over time. The biggest concern is, however, the safety risks involved when an open fireplace is not supported firmly. Obviously, if the thing were to cave in a floor while a fireplace is burning, this could lead to intensive fire damage as well as structural or floor and ceiling damage to your home.

Yet another thing to consider is the conclusion of the fireplace. If the fireplace will be protected which includes type of aerosol on masonry finish, then it is not so as important for other structural aspects to be addressed. Should you will be using some type of masonry veneer, this is an infinitely more solid approach, but other aspects will have to be considered to ensure that the complete fireplace is supported properly.

Installing a fire kit is a pretty straightforward project. Just as long as you can read and follow instructions, and aren’t completely inefficient with some basic shop tools, you should have no problem having your fire place kit up and operating.

Experienced masons which may have put together fireplace kits before can usually provide a whole kit cemented together within an hour. Since most of this time is used up by the physical labor associated with moving the pieces into place, the project shouldn’t take you all that much a bit longer.

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