Email Address Validation – Are Desktop Software Solutions Worth the Money?

Would your business use email to keep in touch with your customers?

If perhaps the answer is certainly, you have probably already experienced the problems that arise from customers who have no valid or current email boxes. Does the following sound familiar? Email Validation

Rebounded emails or Non Delivery Receipts (NDR’s)
Having to manually update your customer newsletter list with every NDR from every e-zine or campaign
Desktop email approval  

You might have considered using one of the countless desktop products available for bulk email acceptance.

Perhaps you are planning of purchasing one of these desktop products. If perhaps so, stop!

We certainly have found these products simply aren’t provide accurate results.

The best problem with desktop software

How come there issues? It can no problem to do with the software itself but rather where it will be run from.

Examining emails for validation requires a 2 way “conversation” between the mail field you are checking and the software you are employing to do the looking at.

The condition comes when the server hosting the email box you happen to be checking. Because of to the problems of spam, many email containers use various methods to look for spam-like SMTP “conversations”.

Your desktop email affirmation software will simply NOT REALLY work if:

You are running it on the personal pc with a dynamic IP assigned by your internet provider
You do not have a reverse DNS entry for your IP
You do not have valid DNS/SPF records for the IP running your desktop validation software.
We all have found that the following large email providers do not support email validation from desktop software:

Microsoft Live
There are many others that we could cite but just these results alone should increase questions as to whether desktop email validation software is worth the money.

Server to server examining

We assume that the only way of validating email addresses with acceptable reliability is by using a server (service) based solution. Servers can be configured to discuss to remote email packing containers correctly. With desktop software, this configuration is simply not possible.

Worth the money?

Are desktop email address software products really worth the money? Perhaps some are, but it’s important to really know what to expect when one buys a license. If you are expecting 100% accuracy, this can never be performed with email address affirmation software. However, if you are looking for the best possible accuracy, you need to be aware that desktop software simply can’t deliver good results. This might be FINE for you if you only want to reduce the amount of management of returned emails from your campaigns. If, yet , you need the best possible validation results, server established software is the only method to go.

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