Cycling Croatia: Biking From Island to Island

The charming islands and coast towns of Croatia are simply perfect for a family bicycling adventure. croatia boat rentals

Cycling through Croatia’s beautiful, untouched countryside and its majestic national leisure areas offers up some amazing views and experiences. On the other hand, to do so you must have nerves of steel, due in part to the country’s one-lane roads, where cars zoom lens by cyclists with great tenacity. 

Cycling through Croatia… on a boat

For most families looking for a terrific cycling adventure in Croatia, the most exciting option is a combo bike and boat trip of the Croatian islands just off the country’s Dalmatian seacoast. On this adventure, you will go from island to island, all the while traveling the seas in between in a beautiful sail boat to and your family can lay down down and soak up the warm Mediterranean sunshine or take in the sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea. On the way, you’ll visit some of the most beautiful cities along the country’s coastline, going through the unique cultures and marvelous natural terrains of each location.

Getting a motorcycle and boat package

Presently there are several companies offering guided tours of the Croatian islands and sea-coast and the most will include the proper bike and equipment as well as hotel accommodations and transportation of your luggage from location to location. You’ll start your trip by getting fitted for the accurate bike for your size and weight, and then go.

Get a feel for the past while cycling across Croatia and her coastal cities

The journey will have the whole family exploring the remarkably well-preserved medieval metropolitan areas of Croatia – the port city of Break up, where you’ll delight in the many wine cellars and the ancient Roman damages throughout the town – and Dubrovnik, an important center in the area since the 13th 100 years, also renowned for it is architecture of Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic design as well as the Dingac & Postup wine parts.

Let’s hit the hawaii islands!

The islands you might explore include Brijuni, Mljet, Hvar, and Korcula. Each island has its extraordinary culture and history with some being great sport fishing ports and some being tourist hotspots. Many of the cities and of the islands are actual environmentally shielded UNESCO sites and provide great unspoiled national parks and cycling treks.

Hvar, for example, is famous for its gently rolling hillsides of olive groves, berries orchards, pine forest, and lavender fields while Korcula, the birthplace of the famous world traveler, Moldura Polo, offers the attraction of an old-world Both roman sailing and fishing town. Try their special seafood stew or the octopus.

Take time to favor the history and beauty you’re experiencing

These of the islands and coastal cities have been inhabited by people since dating back to the Neolithic period and also have all the culture to select such a deep record. They also feature stunning sprawling views of coast cliffs, stunning little bays, and wonderful beaches, dispersed across the Dalmatian seacoast. Some of the fishing boat and bike tours actually have you sleeping on the boat. You’ll be able to sleep away on the sea on your “floating hotel”, and if you would like to take a day off from bicycling, you’re more than pleasant to stay on the boat and lounge around, taking in the beautiful Mediterranean sun and exceptional coastline of Croatia.

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