Customer Service Reps Need Negotiation Training

The majority of us negotiate every day, if perhaps when influencing our kids in order to complete their homework or to come in for dinner on time, when encouraging our co-workers to do their fair talk about of the heavy training, then when scheduling that washing machine repair appointment at a time when we can certainly be at home to meet the technician.

Yet some occupations negotiate more than others. Attorneys are constantly negotiating and salesmen too. vladislav golovin

And that we know medical ( dental ) hygienists are trying to get us to get flossing.

But what about customer service reps?

Not long ago I called one of my charge cards issuers to have a late charge waived. 

Following a little bit of banter, the rep reported: “Okay, I’ll waive the fee, but just this once! inch

Were we negotiating? Absolutely, and that CSR, and millions like her are empowered with a certain amount of discretion to provide callers what they ask for.

But since CSR’s don’t have special negotiation training they’ll be uncertain about the correct amount of discretion they can use, making them seem to be insecure and even nasty , and without knowing it.

On top of that, if customer care reps usually are trained in negotiation skills, they’re likely to devote at least one of three common errors:

(1) They’ll be inclined to give away a store far too often; or

(2) They’ll be so miserly as to never make concessions, even when it constitutes good business sense to do so, say when a customer relationship is on the line; or

(3) They’ll negotiate defensively, taking process personally, and leaving the customer with a bitter aftertaste even if the girl with given what she needed.

When the CSR put for the reason that tidbit about “I’ll only do this once, ” she was defensively uttering an ultimatum that was unduly personal because it was framed in the first person: “I” will only do this once.

The important thing to effective negotiating is to maintain agreeable relations which means you can come back, on a later date, in a proper frame of head to transact yet more business. If you fly the door as the client leaves, you’re decreasing this potential, while bumps the relationship, unnecessarily.

Making an investment in negotiation training is guaranteed to pay away back ten times your investment, or more. In the event that you’re considering providing settlement training to your personnel or in obtaining it for yourself, call us.

Medical professional. Gary S. Goodman is a top trainer, convention and convention speaker, and sales, customer service, and negotiation consultant. A regular expert commentator on r / c and TV, he is also the best-selling publisher of 12 books, more than 1, 000 articles and several popular music and video programs. His seminars are sponsored around the globe and he is a school member at more than 40 universities, including UC Berkeley and UCLA. Gary brings over two decades of sales, management and consulting experience to the table, with impressive academic credentials: A Ph level. D. from USC, an MBA from the Chris F. Drucker School of Management, and a M. D. degree from Loyola Law School, his clients include several Fortune a thousand companies.

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