Condo Insurance

Property owners, just like homeowners, need to get insurance to protect their home and liability. Below are 3 of the most frequently asked questions about property insurance to help you get started.

1 ) What’s the Difference Among Condo Insurance and Home owner Insurance?

Insurance for condo properties is quite similar to insurance for homes; the real dissimilarities stem from whether you own or rent the condo. 

To understand about different varieties of coverage available for your rented or owned apartment, consult with an insurance transporter that specializes in coverage for condos. If your property is part of a complex, there are also out precisely required if you discuss to a member of your association.

2. What Does Condo Insurance Ensure?

Coverage options vary depending on carrier and policy, as well as on whether you own or lease the condo. A few of the options you can find for your property include coverage for:

Your personal property.
Decrease of use of your possessions and/or structure.
Personal injury sustained somewhere on the property (this pertains to owners or renters of units that are part of complexes).
Damage that develops to commonly owned constructions.
Personal liability.
Medical costs.
Note that these are simply a some of the coverage options typically available; you will need to talk to an agent to determine specifics about a particular carrier’s options.

3. Where Can My spouse and i Find Condo Insurance?

Many insurance carriers offering home owner insurance present insurance for condominiums. Talk to other property owners about the providers they use and, if your property is part of a complex, the complex’s association might provide recommendations.

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