Cats – How My Cats Came to Live With Me and Be My Teacher

Being a cat owner, I uncovered how very spiritual a lot of them are. In fact, some cats do not seem to be to be cats at all but instead Master Professors in cat suits, so to speak. Let me personally tell you about my Master Teacher, Oreo. crash arena turbo stars free gems

We adopted Oreo wonderful close friend when they were 3. Their owners moved to Hawaii and did not want to put them through the required 5-week quarantine so they provided those to a foster health care “parent. ” 

Oreo and his brother chose myself to be their new owner. They called to me in Spirit and they drew me within reaching paws and warm fur that wanted to cuddle in my hands and make a spirit connection i never really noticed until the prior months.

And that interconnection was not merely between Oreo and me.

I got lost my dear good friend, Samantha, another cat – a stunning lady calico cat who also used us – a few months earlier. She arrived to the door – repeatedly – asking to come in. We could not find her owner. Someone was heart busted when she went absent.

Tell me you have seen this kind of behavior in a kitty before.

Samantha created some pretty interesting fun video games that she and We played together. Just read was not your usual cat video games, okay? Well, Oreo performed Samantha’s games whenever we came up home. What I realized was that Samantha experienced communicated with Oreo and told him what to do.

I felt such an immense relief knowing Samantha had not perished, only her body was gone. And I was extremely grateful I could now play with her, in a way, whenever I enjoyed my Tiny Guy.

Now then, so you do not think it was my thoughts…

One of my closest friends came over to see me one day and Oreo presented her with the same manners her departed cat used to do. Again – not your ordinary feline behaviors. She and I actually both knew Fred got communicated with Oreo.

Thus what there were in Oreo was a channeler of cats. Pretty danged extraordinary, don’t you think?

But wait, he was way more than that!

Tell me you’ve seen these behaviors in the cat before. No, really – tell me if you have. I was going to keep a journal of special feline behaviors as I consider cats are in fact more evolved spiritually than we are. Okay, some cats are.

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