American Diaries – Janey G Blue, Pearl Harbor 1941 – Book Review

American Diaries: Janey G. Black, Pearl Harbor 1941.
Creator: Kathleen Duey

Janey is a 12 year old girl who may have recently transferred from Kansas to Beautiful hawaii with her family. Her father is a city service worker at Hickam Field in Pearl Have. Her activities and opinions of December 7 take place from Sunday, Dec 7 at 7 a. m. to Monday 12 , 8, 7 a. meters. Diary Books

Janey loves the trees and shrubs, fresh fruit and all the people on See but she misses Kansas and her closest good friend Tilly even more. Besides, all the talk of impending war makes Janey nervous and scared. The evening before December six, 1941 Janey writes in her diary “Last nighttime after the Christmas display the grown-ups got heading about the war again. Holy Golly, I are sick of hearing it. Its bad enough we have to listen to the planes from Hickam Field drill all the time. Some pilots imagine to be invading and the others practice guarding the harbor and the airfields and they all pretend to fight. Really so noisy that Pokey (dog) hides under the bed. inches

After the bombing of Arizona memorial service commences confusion spreads like wildfire. No one is aware what is going on or where to go. Janey believes she must stay calm so her four yr old buddy will not be worried and her mother can focus on finding out what is happening at Hickam Field.

Through the words of Janey G. Black, Kathleen Duey captures confusion, anxiety and stress many people must have sensed that fateful day; January 7, 1941. Kathleen Duey is an award earning author who has written more than 50 catalogs for children, YA and adults. Thirty-three of the catalogs have been historical and adventure fiction. In addition, she novelized the DreamWorks movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

American Schedules is a collection of books written in a similar fashion as a string except the personas do not repeat neither will the historical incidents. American Diaries books are about 140 pages in length and are written through the eyes of a twelve year old in a twenty-four hour period portraying some historical event or period.

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