Alternate Remedies – Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction

If a male cannot maintain a good erection long enough to have sexual activity, it is defined as erectile disorder or ED. This condition is commonly seen in old men, although it can happen any kind of time age. If this occurs only at times, it is not a reason for worry. Upon the contrary if the challenge persists, it can lead to stress, relationship problems and even hurt one’s self-esteem. Thankfully there are remedies for this troublesome condition although looking for them, many choose to use herbs for impotence problems.

Mental as well as physical problems can cause erectile dysfunction. Major depression or emotional problems can make a person tired in sex. Erectile function is determined by the flow of blood to the male organ and remaining there during erection. High cholesterol and blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease can also cause ED. Junk imbalances like diabetes, high or low levels of thyroid hormones, low levels of the male body hormone testosterone etc, can do enough damage to make a guy sexually impotent.

Triggers that are mental in nature include stress, depressive disorder and unhappy relationships of a romantic or marriage nature. Then there are some habits that can adversely affect the movement of blood in the male organ like alcohol, substance mistreatment or smoking. 

It can be downright embarrassing to tell your doctor about sexual issues. But it will be worth your while to seek specialist for erection dysfunction. Now there are treatments to restore hard-on which range from medication to surgery. There may even be underlying causes for the condition like heart disease. It is therefore a good thing to take the challenge really for it can be a warning bell for more serious medical problems. Generally there are many means to alleviate this problem also to be on the safer aspect you can use herbal products for erectile dysfunction.

A number of means are being used to treat ED. Medication range from Viagra, injecting prostacyclin Elizabeth directly into the male organ, a tool used to bring blood into the penis. Techniques for taking blood to the male organ such as surgery, using of vacuum pumps also can be effective. One more method is the implanting of inflatable prostheses into the penis to achieve a reasonable erection.

Besides these there are different remedies such as treatment with herbs for erection problems. The first of them is L-argentine also called natural Viagra. It is an amino acid employed by your body to produce nitric oxide. It can help the muscle around veins to relax, thereby increasing the stream of blood into the penis leading to erection. That is a natural ingredient of foods like seafood, dairy products, poultry and meat.

Another herb that needs mention is ginkgo. Like L-arginine, ginkgo helps in relaxing muscles thus inducing flow of bloodstream in the male organ. After that there is the supplement ashwagandha, also called Native american Ginseng that can increase energy, stamina and increased sexual prowess. Last but not least there is yohimbine made from the bark of yohimbe woods found in Africa. This is said to increase the flow of blood to the male organ thereby inducing erection. Even so yohimbine should be used with care because of certain undesirable side results. To conclude it is wiser to talk to a specialist on herbs for erectile dysfunction than go in for self-medication.

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